& ManaWerx present Duel for Duals – Coverage

Twelve players showed up to duel for duals at ManaWerx on September 17th. The Top 4 was a mixture of the current Legacy powerhouses: two NO RUG decks, UW Stoneblade, and Merfolk all battled their way through the likes of ANT, Metalworker, and BUG Control to emerge as the victors of today’s duels. Adam Prosak with NO RUG defeated NO RUG piloted by Joe Veth in the semifinals and Merfolk by Robb Miknus in the finals to take first pick of the three duals up for grabs today – unlimited Tropical Island, revised Underground Sea (signed), and a revised Scrubland. Vu Phan with UW Stoneblade fell in the semifinals but managed to beat Joe Veth in three hard fought games to get the last pick of the duals. Prosak took the Underground Sea while Miknus took the Tropical Island, and Vu Phan walked home with the Scrubland. Thanks to everyone who played today!

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