& Samurai Comics present Duel for Duals – Coverage

In Central Phoenix, seventeen players battled it out through four rounds of the and Samurai Comics Duel for Duals. In the end, the Top 4 – Angelo Cavaletto with Merfolk, Mat Baharich with Maverick, Matthew Shaffer with RUG, and Frank Rye with Merfolk, split the prize pool of a revised Tundra, unlimited Taiga, unlimited Bayou and Volcanic Island. The rest of the Top 8 was John Pribula with RUG, Alexander Kiracofe with RUG, Alexander Lapping with Wizards, and Vu Phan with UW Stoneblade. Below is coverage of the AZMagicPlayers and Samurai Comics Duel for Duals! See you all on December 3rd at Amazing Discoveries for the Mox Sapphire Standard Tournament!

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