Avondale City Championships Recap

And you thought March Madness only applied to basketball! The second 2016 Legacy Series City Championship kicked off at Play or Draw in Avondale, Arizona this past weekend with 45 players in tow. The metagame was varied, as per the usual, but it was unlike we had ever seen before. We saw five ANT decks lead the way in metagame share, but we also saw four Maverick decks and three 12 Post decks take another portion of the metagame.

View the metagame breakdown here.

After the six rounds of Swiss, eight players made the final cut to the single elimination rounds:

Top 8

From left to right:

  • Tony Murata – 12 Post
  • Bryan Rockenbach – Shardless BUG
  • Mike Griffin – Miracles
  • Shane Flannery – UR Delver
  • Sam Wolloch – Wb Eldrazi
  • Mike Hadley – Goblins
  • Justin Beck – Infect
  • David Roqueni – ANT

Eight players, eight different archetypes! Goblins made its first Top 8 appearance in awhile. Bryan Rockenbach made back-to-back City Championship Top 8s, Tony Murata earned yet another Top 8 berth with 12 Post, and Sam Wolloch took the new Legacy Eldrazi deck for a spin.

In the end, Bryan Rockenbach took down Mike Hadley in the Finals, earning him a spot for the 2016 Legacy Series Masters! Congratulations!


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