2014 Legacy Series – April Event Coverage

Thirty-four players showed up for battle at ManaWerx this past weekend. In the end, we had two winners: Congratulations to Kai Ruan for winning the tournament with UWr Miracles and to Phimus Pan for winning the FTV: 20!  Phimus Pan earned a total of 21 points throughout these four events. With two Finals appearances (one split in the Finals, and the other a win), and two other appearances, he jumped way ahead of everyone else and basically locked it up with his win in the March Event.

We will be continuing the Points Race throughout the rest of our tournaments. The Points Leader at the end of the September Event will be crowned the 2014 Legacy Series Player of the Year!

Here’s likely the links you are all interested in: decklists, metagame breakdown, and the Points Race!

Top 8 Decklists

Metagame Breakdown

Points Race