2014 Legacy Series: Avondale August Event Coverage

The doubleheader this month kicked off at Avondale, Arizona on August 9th, and it certainly did not disappoint. Fifty-five players (now tied for the second largest Legacy Series event!) battled through six rounds of Swiss but only eight had the opportunity to play for the upgraded prize pool – an Underground Sea to first place, Tropical Island to second place, and a Flooded Strand and Plateau to third and fourth place. The 9th place through 16th place still walked home with prize payouts.

At the end of the Swiss, the Top 8 was as follows:

  • 1st Seed – Mike Hadley – Goblins
  • 2nd Seed – Andrew Caponera – Shardless BUG
  • 3rd Seed – Anthony Lehman – Sneak Show
  • 4th Seed – Charles Kraver – UG Infect
  • 5th Seed – Alex Tamblyn – Reanimator
  • 6th Seed – Riad Mourssali – Death and Taxes
  • 7th Seed – David White – Sneak Show
  • 8th Seed – Dustin Way- UB Delver

The brackets were heavily in favor of Riad, whose Death and Taxes deck sports a very favorable matchup against the Sneak Show archetype. Coincidentally, both Sneak Show decks in the Top 8 were on Riad’s side of the bracket. As he breezed through the first two single elimination rounds, Charles was busy on his end of the bracket, stealing victories left and right, defeating Goblins and Reanimator in three games apiece, and once the dust settled, it was going to be Death and Taxes vs Infect in the finals. Two quick games later, Charles walked away victorious with UG Infect!

In the meanwhile, Alex Tamblyn cemented his lead in the Player of the Year Race, posting his fourth AZMP Legacy Series Top 8 and moving up to 30 points. Join us next week in Flagstaff, Arizona as we conclude the 2014 Legacy Series!

Top 8 Decklists

9-16th Place Decklists

Metagame Breakdown

Points Race

Next week’s details: 2014 Legacy Series:

Flagstaff August Event


Date: August 16th
Round 1 Start: 12:00pm
Location: The Geekery, 1800 South Milton Rd. Suites 110 and 111, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Entry Fee: $15

1st: Tropical Island + 5 packs of Onslaught + 5 packs of Zendikar
2nd: Flooded Strand + 5 packs of Onslaught + 5 packs of Zendikar
3rd-4th: $40 store credit + 2 Onslaught + 2 Zendikar
5th-8th: $10 store credit + 1 Onslaught + 1 Zendikar
9th-16th: 1 pack of each

Decklists will be required.

To view the Legacy Series Points earned per placing, view this link:

To view your standing in the Points Race:

For more details on the rest of the 2014 Legacy Series, please visit this link: 2014 Legacy Series Proxy Side Event

Round 1 Start: 3:00pm
Entry: $5
This event will be unsanctioned.

4 Rounds of Swiss, prize payout:

4-0-0: 12 packs
3-0-1: 9 packs
3-1-0: 6 packs
2-1-1: 3 packs

Packs may be from any Standard legal set.

Proxy rules: Proxies must be printed (either black and white or color), 100% of your deck may be proxied.