2014 Legacy Series: Flagstaff August Event Coverage

The Geekery played host to the final regular 2014 Legacy Series event, and boy, was the competition heated. Sam Kemph from Flagstaff took down the 30-man event with Burn, but he was joined by two other Burn decks in the Top 8 of the event! Alex Tamblyn extended his lead in the Player of the Year race with a finals finish with Reanimator. Another 23 players locked their discounted entry for the 2014 Legacy Series Championships on September 6th. We hope to see you all there!

Top 8 Decklists

Metagame Breakdown

Player of the Year Race


Open to all entrants

Date: September 6th, 2014
Round 1 Start: 12:00pm
Location: Desert Sky Games, 2531 S Gilbert Rd Ste 106, Gilbert, Arizona

Decklists will be required.

Entry Fee:

$15 for 2014 Players’ Club Members
$30 for non-Members


1st Place: Choice of 4 FORCE OF WILL or 4 WASTELAND and the 2014 Legacy Series Championship Trophy
2nd Place: The remaining playset listed above
And of course, more prizes based on attendance. This is also a BONUS event, where the amount of Series Points awarded will be multiplied by 2, meaning that the winner will receive 20 points instead of 10 points!