2014 Legacy Series – June Event Coverage

And the points lead has changed! Alex Tamblyn powered through the Swiss rounds to earn himself a number 2 seed in the Top 8. Three victories later, and we have a new points leader at 24 points. He can’t rest though, as Phimus Pan and Kai Ruan all trail by a Top 8. We had a combo filled metagame, with five of the Top 8 slots belonging to combo decks, including a Necrotic Ooze concoction. This deck utilizes Buried Alive to throw Necrotic Ooze, Phyrexian Devourer, and Triskelion into the graveyard, then reanimating Necrotic Ooze and dealing damage equal to the sum of the converted mana cost of your deck. It’s pretty similar to Tin Fins, the storm reanimator deck that made waves last year, but does not use Tendrils of Agony or Children of Korlis, making it much less reliant on reanimating Griselbrand.

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Top 8 Decklists

Metagame Breakdown

Points Race (updated to 6/29/14)

June Event Reflections