Chasing AMI #1

Week 1 Results


The Arizona Magic Invitational (AMI) Qualifier season is under way. August 17th is 21 weeks away. 21 weeks to give out 32 invitations to the Inaugural AMI. 147 days to earn a prestigious slot into what will surely become an institution of the Arizona Magic Community. 3,528 hours to grind out AMI points in hopes of qualifying for this event.

One slot has already been claimed. This past Saturday at Amazing Discoveries was the first AMI Qualifier event featuring a draft open. 33 players battled for the honor of the first invite to the AMI. Gatecrash limited has proven to be a challenging format with some subtle nuances that have become difficult for some to master. While others have been to the fringes of the format and back. Picking a guild and building around it is the general rule but some opt for the Greenside Watcher/Verdant Haven multicolor control. The AMI Qualifier draft open featured every archetype you could imagine. Four draft pods convened and began cracking packs. With 33 players a record of 2-0-1 would make Top 8. Knowing this information going in the drafters were intent on building the best 2-0 deck they could muster.




Event Coverage can be found HERE.

Three rounds with a cut to the top 8 of Gatecrash draft resulted in Ian Alvarez, Alex Amato, Ryan Leeper, Shawn McIff, Riad Mourssali, Casper Mulholland and Joe Weber battling it out in a second Gatecrash draft for the invite. Top 8 Draft Decklists can be found HERE.