Modern Series Check In

The final month of open Modern Series events is upon us, so it’s time to do a quick check in on the Modern Series Leaderboard!

Modern Series Masters, much like our Legacy Series Masters that we ran this past month, will invite just sixteen players to battle it out for Modern supremacy in Arizona. It will be held on December 4th, 2016 at Play or Draw.

To qualify for Modern Series Masters, we’ve provided several paths to qualify:

  • The four 2016 Modern Series City Champions
  • The Top 2 Players via 2016 Modern Series Points earned only at City Championships
  • The Top 10 Players via 2016 Modern Series Points earned at ALL Modern Series events

We’ll be giving out 12 slots at the conclusion of the Amazing Discoveries event! At the conclusion of the event, we’ll invite the Top 2 Points earners, counting only City Championship Points, and then invite the Top 10 Points earners, counting all Modern Series Points. The players that spent 2016 grinding through our several Modern City Championships and our many Modern Series Trials will finally be rewarded for their time and effort with an invite to Modern Series Masters.

Our Leaderboard is here.

Currently, we know only three qualified players:

  • Brian Ozga (Tempe City Champion)
  • Devin Jones (Gilbert City Champion)
  • Chris Worman (Glendale City Champion)

And the final qualification given out via that slot will be at Amazing Discoveries Tucson on October 23rd. While the majority of the qualifications reward players that spent some time participating in our many events, this slot will let those who could not, spike an event to earn an invite.

So as a thought exercise, let’s imagine that we invited people based on the current Leaderboard status, who would be invited?

The Top 2 Players via 2016 Modern Series Points earned only at City Championships

The two players that would have earned this are:

Player Championship Points Only
Paul Cuillier 30
Eddie Caudill 25

Both Paul and Eddie have only played in two events apiece, but they made them count. Paul’s back-to-back 3rd place finishes in the Tempe and Gilbert City Championships are enough to put him second on the overall Leaderboard and first if you just count City Championship Points.

Likewise, Eddie’s Top 16 finish in the Tempe City Championships, then runner up at the Glendale City Championship pushes him to the other Championship Points slot.

The Top 10 Players via 2016 Modern Series Points earned at ALL Modern Series events

Now we get to the meat. There’s plenty of slots to go around here, and it has the greatest chance for fluctuation, due to the amount of points that are introduced into the Leaderboard at the conclusion of each Championship event.

Player Modern Series Points
Bryan Rockenbach 31
Anthony Wang 27
Justin Wennmacher 25
Erik Wong 24
Thomas Kauffman 23
Raymond Maglunog 21
Nick Gil 20
Tate Donovan 20
Killian Minton 18
Aviv Damari 15

And the bubble:

Player Modern Series Points
Jesse Robles 15
Christopher Salyers 15
Joe Schaeffer 14
Katrina Soper 13
Kevin Mccoy 10
Zach Mckeown 10
Caleb Shroyer 10
Nick Bond 10

You may notice that Aviv has 15 points while two other people also have 15 points. We have a tiebreaker system, which is as follows (and in this order):

  1. Total Modern Series Points earned only at City Championships
  2. Highest Finish at a City Championships
  3. Second Highest Finish at a City Championships
  4. Third Highest Finish at a City Championships
  5. Fourth Highest Finish at a City Championships

Aviv beats the other two players by virtue of the first tiebreaker, having 15 Championship Points while the other players muster 14 points combined.

So can you qualify?

With only a couple Modern Series Trials left and final City Championships around the corner, is it even worth it to play if you can only attend the City Championships? And if you can fit it in your schedule, a Trial or two?

The answer is: yes!

Here are the points awarded at the City Championships:

Finish Modern Series Points Awarded
1st Place Qualification for 2016 Modern Series Masters
2nd Place 20 Modern Series Points
3rd-4th Place 15 Modern Series Points
5th-8th Place 10 Modern Series Points
9th-16th Place 5 Modern Series Points
17th+ Place 2 Modern Series Points

With 2nd Place awarding 20 Points and 3rd-4th Place awarding 15 Points, you can very well sneak onto the top of the Leaderboard with not just winning the whole event, but a Top 4 finish as well. Three or four wins at a Modern Series Trial can even solidify your slot at Modern Series Masters.

A Top 4 finish to have a very good chance at qualify for Modern Series Masters is something I would take.

Will we see you there?


Tucson City Championships – Amazing Discoveries Tucson
2410 E Broadway Blvd, Tucson, AZ 85719
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