Legacy Series Overview

The 2016 Legacy Series is a series of tournaments spanning from the beginning of 2016 to the third quarter of 2016. Four main events will crown city champions around Arizona and various Legacy Series Trials will bring competitive Legacy to a majority of competitive Magic: the Gathering players.

At the end of the series, sixteen players will qualify for the 2016 Legacy Series Masters through either slot-based qualifications or Legacy Series Points-based qualification. Please read further for details on the Legacy Series.

07 - July Event

Legacy Series Trials

Legacy Series Trials are three or four-round Swiss tournaments that award Legacy Series Points to top finishers. Details such as date, time, and entry fee for these events will vary.

To All Store Owners: If you are interested in hosting a Legacy Series Trial, please contact Jason Abong at [email protected]!

Please see our Schedule page for the details for the Legacy Series Trials.

Legacy Series Trials Points Distribution

Match Points Legacy Series Points Awarded
12 5 Legacy Series Points
10 4 Legacy Series Points
9 3 Legacy Series Points

 AZ Summer Champs Top 8

Legacy Series City Championships

The Legacy Series City Championships is the main event of the 2016 Legacy Series. The entry fee for these events will be $30. Prizes will be based on attendance and paid out in store credit.

The following cities will play host to this year’s main events:

  • Avondale
  • Tempe
  • Tucson
  • Gilbert

Please see our Schedule page for the details for the City Championships.

Legacy Series City Championships Points Distribution

Finish Legacy Series Points Awarded
1st Place* No Points Awarded
2nd Place 20 Legacy Series Points
3rd-4th Place 15 Legacy Series Points
5th-8th Place 10 Legacy Series Points
9th-16th Place 5 Legacy Series Points
17th+ Place 2 Legacy Series Points

*1st Place does not receive any points due to a slot-based qualification for the 2016 Legacy Series Masters.


Legacy Series Masters

The Legacy Series Masters is the final event of the 2016 Legacy Series! Sixteen players will battle it out for Legacy glory.

Here are how the sixteen players will qualify for this event:

  • The 2014 Legacy Series Championship – 1st Place
    • Tony Murata
  • The 2015 Legacy Series Masters – 1st Place
    • Kyle Henriksen
  • The 2016 Legacy Series Gilbert City Championship – 1st Place
    • Leon Kornacki
  • The 2016 Legacy Series Avondale City Championship – 1st Place
    • Bryan Rockenbach
  • The 2016 Legacy Series Tucson City Championship – 1st Place
    • Riley Kimminau (invite passed down from Bryan Rockenbach)
  • The 2016 Legacy Series Tempe City Championship – 1st Place
    • Eddie Caudill (invite passed down from Bryan Rockenbach)
  • The Top 2 Players via 2016 Legacy Series Points earned only at City Championships
  • The Top 8 Players via 2016 Legacy Series Points earned at ALL Legacy Series events

Please read our Qualification Policy for more details.

Previous Legacy Series Tournaments

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