Horned Turtle in Top 8 of a Legacy event?

Imagine one day you’re looking at Legacy Top 8 decklists, from a 400 man event. Let’s say, from this event. And then you see this:



Someone must have typed SOMETHING wrong. This cute little guy in the Top 8 of a LEGACY event?


You know, two mana 4/5s, one mana 3/2 flyers, and this guy settled for a 1/4 vanilla creature?

Yes, yes he did. It’s not a typo.

The player posted an explanation here.

Horned turtle is just my pet card so I decided to maindeck this little guy to give him an appearance at a big tournament..
I mean he is boltproof and blocks thalia all night long.

So yes, this guy is capable. Legacy staple? Not quite….yet.