Finals Coverage – Adam Prosak (NO RUG) vs. Robb Miknus (Merfolk)

Adam Prosak (NO RUG) vs. Robb Miknus (Merfolk)

Game 1

Rob Miknus began the final round by winning the die roll but also mulliganing down to 6. Both players started off with the small creatures of their respective decks – Rob with a Cursecatcher and Adam with a Noble Hierarch. Rob got in for 1 damage with the Curesecatcher and continued adding to the field with a Silvergill Adept revealing a Coralhelm Commander. Adam seemed to have nothing, playing an Island and passing, but cast Vendilion Clique targeting Rob at the end of Rob’s draw step. The Clique revealed a Lord of Atlantis, Silvergill Adept, Wasteland, Force of Will, and Coralhelm Commander. Adam shipped the Lord of Atlantis to the bottom, and Rob added another Silvergill to the board. The other Adept attacked and Adam blocked with the Clique, sending both to the graveyard as Rob added an AEther Vial to the board.

Adam summoned a Scavenging Ooze and passed the turn. Rob ticked his Vial up to 1 while adding a Wasteland and Coralhelm Commander, but it was met with a Force of Will from Adam, pitching Brainstorm. Rob Forced back, pitching a Mental Misstep, then leveled his Coralhelm Commander to 2, making it a 3/3. Adam Brainstormed at the end of Rob’s turn, then fetched for a Taiga. A Bolt from Adam fried the Coralhelm fish, then the Scavenging Ooze hit Rob for 4 damage. Adam added to the mounting pressure with a Vendilion Clique. Rob Wastelanded the Taiga on his turn, then sent his Adept and Cursecatcher into the red zone. Adam elected to take the damage rather than trading his Clique with any of the Merfolk. The Ooze and the Clique crashed in again, with Adam scavenging for the dead Coralhelm and Clique to grow the Ooze. With the Vial at 3, Rob tapped it to add a Merrow Reejerey, but Adam was soon to Ice it and swing in for lethal.

Adam Prosak 1, Rob Miknus 0

Game 2

Rob started off game 2 with just an Island while Adam Green Sun’d on his turn 1 for a Dryad Arbor but it met a Dismember at the end of turn. Rob missed his second land drop and just passed the turn. Seeing an opportunity, Prosak played his second land and ended his turn, but Icing Rob’s Island during Rob’s upkeep. Luckily for Rob, the second Island came up and he promptly played it. Adam cast Brainstorm during his main phase, and then played a Scalding Tarn, then fetched for a land in order to play Tarmogoyf. Rob said no to the Goyf, and Forced it, pitching a Merfolk Sovereign. A Silvergill Adept soon came into play for Rob, revealing a Lord of Atlantis. A Mutavault came down for Rob as well.

Adam played a Mountain and then cast a Scavenging Ooze. It was Forced by Rob but Prosak had the Pyroblast to force the Ooze into play. A Lord of Atlantis threatened to cause trouble due to Adam’s Islands, and Rob took advantage of his creatures being unblockable and sent his Silvergill Adept in, taking Adam down to 15. Adam mitigating some of the damage by scavenging a Dryad Arbor and going back up to 16. Rob continued to add to his board presence by casting a Merrow Reejerey. The Silvergil Adept again attacked Adam, but was no longer unblockable as Adam Lightning Bolted the Lord of Atlantis. To stop the Scavenging Ooze from eating the Adept, Rob Submerged the Ooze, allowing the Adept to take 3 life off of Adam’s life total. Adam simply replayed the Ooze and passed on his turn. Due to Ooze, Rob was forced to hold his army back. The Ooze continued to grow, going to 15 life and a 4/4 body. A Green Sun’s Zenith for 2 brought out a Goyf, but that wasn’t enough. Adam cast a Grim Lavamancer and threated to take the game with his new army.

Rob had nothing for the army and just ended his turn after playing an Island. Adam began the beats with his Ooze and Tarmogoyf. Rob blocks the 2/3 Tarmogoyf with his 3/2 Adept, but Adam activates his Lavamancer to kill the Reejerey which lets the Tarmogoyf live and eliminating both Merfolk on the field. The recovery phase for Rob begins as he casts a Silvergill Adept revealing a Coralhelm Commander, then adds that same Coralhelm Commander to the battlefield. The Ooze continues to scavenge as it removes three cards: a Silvergill Adept, Submerge, and Force. The Lavamancer offs the Coralhelm Commander the next turn and the Ooze and Goyf crash in once again. Rob is in the recovery phase once again and casts a Lord of Atlantis and Phantasmal Image, copying the Tarmogoyf, but with the combination of the Scavenging Ooze and Grim Lavamancer offing his creatures, the winner of the & ManaWerx Duel for Duals is Adam Prosak!

Adam Prosak 2, Robb Miknus 0