Round 2: Tony Turner (U/W Illusions) vs. Ian Alvarez (U/B Control)

Game 1

Tony 1, Ian 0

Game 2

After mulliganing to six on the play, Ian began game 2 with a Swamp. Tony started off with a Gitaxian Probe to see Ian’s hand, revealing a Wurmcoil Engine, Geth’s Verdict, a Black Sun’s Zenith, a Nephalia Drownyard and an Island. Tony then laid his land for the turn and cast a Phantasmal Bear. A Ratchet Bomb came off the top of Ian’s deck and he upped it to one counter before passing the turn. The Bear hit Ian for 2 damage, then during the second main phase, Tony cast a Ponder, choosing to keep the three on top, and ended his turn. The Ratchet Bomb ticked up to two counters as the Bear got in again for two more damage, bringing Ian down to 16. The Nephalia Drownyard came into play for Ian, which he used to mill himself.

Finally finding a second black source, Ian got rid of the pest that was the Phantasmal Bear with a Geth’s Verdict. “Gotta get him out of here sometime,” he said as Tony passed the turn to him. However, Ian still had nothing but stockpiling his graveyard for future Snapcaster Mages. Tony cast a Delver of Secrets, but it was taken care of when Ian cast a Snapcaster Mage, flashing back Geth’s Verdict. That Snapcaster Mage hit Tony for 2 damage, but Tony end-of-turn flashed a Snapcaster Mage and added a main phase Stitched Drake to push the race into his favor.

The Drake and Mage got took Ian down to 7 life, and a second main phase Gitaxian Probe from Tony revealed a Black Sun’s Zenith, Wurmcoil, and an Elixir of Immortality, which Ian noted that he had mistakenly sideboarded in instead of a Nihil Spellbomb. The Black Sun’s Zenith was cast for 4 the next turn, but Tony stopped it with a Negate. The Elixir was also stopped by a Mana Leak but that paved the way for a freshly drawn Doom Blade on the Stitched Drake. Snapcasters on both sides traded during Tony’s combat phase, but Tony’s second Snapcaster took Ian down to 5.

Was that supposed to be in there?

Tony sent his Snapcaster Mage into the red zone again but a Think Twice from Ian yielded a Wring Flesh, threatening to kill the Mage. Tony sent it back to his hand with a Vapor Snag and then added a Lord of the Unreal to the board.  The Lord took Ian down to 3 the next turn and Ian spent his turn with a double Think Twice blowing up the Lord with Ratchet Bomb when Tony attacked. A Moorland Haunt entered the battlefield for Tony, but Ian matched it with a Wurmcoil Engine on his next main phase. Tony had the Vapor Snag for it, and when he Mana Leaked Ian’s flashed in Snapcaster on his turn, Ian scooped up his cards.

Tony 2, Ian 0