Day at Hot Ace Comics & Collectibles

On Saturday, November 10th, 32 players showed up at Hot Ace Comics & Collectibles, located at 10839 East Apache Trail, Mesa, AZ, to duke it out for a special & Hot Ace Comics playmat and an From the Vault: Realms going to first place!

The top 8 of the tournament was as follows:

  • Trevor C. (UWR Draw Go)
  • Danny S. (UW Draw Go)
  • Kyle F. (Esper Control)
  • Damion B. (Junk Reanimator)
  • Bobby R. (RUG)
  • Jason A. (UW Draw Go)
  • Jeff A. (GW Humans)
  • Mark R. (RUG)
… And the winner of Day was none other than… Danny!

Your winners of the five shocklands: