2016 Legacy Series: Tucson City Championships


Congratulations to Bryan Rockenbach on his back-to-back victories! The Tucson City Championship invite has been passed down to the 2nd place finisher, Riley Kimminau!

Top 8 Decklists

  • 1st Place: Bryan Rockenbach, Shardless BUG
  • 2nd Place: Riley Kimminau, Shardless BUG
  • 3rd Place: Allen Hobson, Infect
  • 4th Place: Zach Zent, Elves
  • 5th Place: Nick Gil, ANT
  • 6th Place: Joseph Fietsam, Junk Nic Fit
  • 7th Place: Nathan Cardinell, 4c Loam
  • 8th Place: Paul Kinsman, Grixis Delver

Metagame Breakdown – 29 players

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